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We have extensive experience producing products from a wide variety of materials including closed, open and urethane foams, felts, and rubber compounds, as well as our own proprietary Sonozorb and recycled Enduraprene products.

Closed Cell Foams

Applications include gasketing, seals, cushioning and noise reduction.

  • Neoprene Blends - Excellent impact and elongation properties. Good tear and fire resistance.
  • Silicone Sponge - UL recognized for flame retardance.
  • Pure Neoprene - Good tensile strength and rebound properties, including excellent abrasion resistance.
  • Expanded Nitrile-PVC and EPDM - Superior weather resistance, tight moisture seal and low compressibility.
  • PVC Foam - Excellent low temperature flexibility and flame resistant including fungi, oxidation and weathering resistance.
  • Nitrile - Very good resistance to gasoline, oil, abrasion and low temperatures.
  • Epichlorohydrin - Excellent fluid, oil and fuel resistance.
  • EPDM Foam - Excellent ozone, heat and fluid resistant properties.
  • EPT Foam - Highly compressible, similar properties of EPDM foam.
  • EVA - Excellent ozone and elongation resistance. Lightweight and formable.
  • Cross-linked Polyethylene - Good chemical resistance and low water absorbtion.
Open Cell Foams

Applications include cushioning, gasketing and noise isolation.

  • Low Perm - Low air and vapor permeability.
  • SIF Felt - Compressed polyether, excellent permeability and strength. Good for filtration.
Urethane Foams

Applications include cushioning, gasketing and noise isolation.

  • Cellular Urethane - Excellent resistance to compression set.
  • Polyether Urethane - Various densities and compression forces.
  • Polyester Urethane - Various densities and porosities

Applications include anti-squeak and rattle, cushion and seals.

  • Flocked Felt
  • Non-Woven Felt
  • Needled Felt - Blending of wool and synthetic fibers for a tighter weave.
  • UHMW PE - Excellent for squeaks and rattles. Good abrasion resistance.
  • Tapes - Wide variety of bonding solutions.
  • Hook and Loop - Commonly known as Velcro®. Used for interior fastening.
  • Cotton Shoddy - Used for noise reduction and material backing applications.


Solid Rubber

Applications include gasketing, sealing and cushioning.

  • Neoprene - Provides oil, ozone, oxidation and sunlight resitance.
  • EPDM - Resistant to oils, ozone, oxygenated solvents and high temperatures.

Enduraprene is a versatile engineered TPE produced from recycled rubber and plastics. Our patented de-vulcanization process creates a superior product when compared to other masticated and rubber “filled” products.


Sonozorb is a light-weight, durable, high-loft polypropylene acoustic insulation. Fully recyclable and naturally hydrophobic, it is mold and mildew resistant – and all this at a cost that makes Sonozorb the best value in acoustic insulation available today.

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