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GDC, Inc. Recycles Oil-drenched Boom Material for Use in Chevy Volt


chevy-volt-hh-003.jpgFrom "About 100 miles of oil-drenched boom material used to contain the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico is being used to make plastic parts for the Chevrolet Volt."

"General Motors said it is recycling enough material used off the coast of Alabama and Louisiana to produce more than 100,000 pounds of plastic resin. GM will use the material to manufacture the deflectors that direct air around the Chevrolet Volt’s radiator, and company brass say they’ve got enough to supply the first year’s run of 10,000 cars."

"Heritage Environmental collected the boom material from the coast. Mobile Fluid Recovery used a huge high-speed drum to extract the oil and waste water. Lucent Polymers prepped the material for plastic die-mold production. GDC Inc. combined all the recycled materials to produce the components."

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